Our Corporate Incentive weekend super car event.

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Just some of the most breath taking roads that we drive in our tours.


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To finish off the season in Style here at Ultimate drives, we organised 2 rallies as incentives for companies from the UK and Switzerland. The Rallies crossed from Switzerland into Austria and Italy, visiting the most breath taking roads in the world while driving the most exclusive cars.

The First Rally started in Zurich, heading along the shores of lake Luzern before driving the “Big 3” in the heart of the Alps. The 10 participants had lunch at the stunning Grimsel Hospitz before continuing their journey over 2 more passes, down into the town of St. Moritz. On the second day we drove over the border into Austria, over what we consider to be one of the best drivers roads in the world, the Hachtenjoch pass. From there we continued back into Switzerland and to Zurich, where the participants were staying in the Dolder Grand hotel.

The Second Rally was organized for a large Swiss Bank, with some of their clients and account managers coming over from Brazil to do a 2 day rally down to Ascona.

Ultimate Drives would like to thank everyone who participated in the success of these events,

Until next time,



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Audi RS5 on the Hachtenjoch pass

Beautiful road, Excellent car and perfect weather. What more could you want?

Check out our website or our Facebook page to try it for yourselves…………

Ultimate Drives

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Feature in the Daily Mail online.

A few weeks ago we received a journalist covering our James bond break, as an extra we offered for him to take out a second car on the last day and do one of our superb one day tours. Here is what he had to say in the Daily mail online

Read the Article here


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SIG-45 – Le breton Yachts






At Ultimate Drives we appreciate anything that as well as being stunningly beautiful, is extremely fast. One of our colleagues from the luxury industry has designed a yacht that is just that…..







In 1905, Charlie Barr and his crew of 50 on the schooner “Atlantic” set a transatlantic record of 12 days and 4 hours which stood for 75 years. In 1980, the record was taken by a multihull skippered by the French legend, Eric Tabarly. The new record was 10 days and 4 hours, with an average speed 20% faster than Atlantic’s. It was an impressive achievement. But that achievement merely set the multihull ball rolling. Following a series of impressive incremental reductions in the record time, in 2009, the record was demolished. The 135ft trimaran Banque Populaire averaged an astonishing 32.94 knots (61kmh) as it surged the 5414km from Ambrose Lighthouse off New York to the entrance of the English Channel in just 3 days and 15 hours.

In the meantime, there was astonishingly little trickledown from these remarkable record breaking yachts to the sailing yachts that the “rest of us” use. Whereas the car industry has seen innovations from racing cars, such as paddle gear changes and ABS braking enter the mainstream, most sailors are still restricted to what one irreverent sailing website refers to as a 4ksb (4 knot sh*t boxes). The average sailing monohull will rarely venture into double digit speeds (in knots). And yet racing multihulls are “cruising” in the high 20s, and are reaching peak speeds well into the 40s.

Hugo Le Breton set out to find out why. It was as though there was nothing (in performance terms) between an F1 car and a Volvo estate. Where were the Ferarri Enzos and Bugatti Veyrons of the sailing world? That search eventually led to the creation of Le Breton Yachts and the SIG45.

The SIG45 was designed to take the lessons from the great offshore racing multihulls and combine it with the elegance and luxury of a high end sailing yacht. It offers the thrilling performance of a racing multihull, and yet also allows the owner to bring friends and family in comfort and safety.

Designed by the same team that designed the record breaking Banque Populaire, and the America’s Cup-winning BMW Oracle trimaran, its design pedigree is second to none. The yacht is built using the finest hi-tech materials. The yachts are built entirely with pre-impregnated carbon fibre on a foam and nomex honeycomb core – materials normally restricted to F1 cars and racing yachts.  The deck layout and rig are based on offshore short-handed racing boats – the systems are chosen because they are light and simple and because they work under the toughest conditions.

The interior was designed by superyacht designer Bjorn Johansson. Providing three double cabins, two heads, a large galley, nav station and saloon, the accommodation offers everything you would need for a cruise. High quality fittings and fabrics keep the superyacht theme consistent.

The result of the investment in design, technology and construction quality is an eye-catchingly beautiful yacht (we find guests on board superyachts 4 times our length taking pictures of us) which can carry its guests in comfort at speeds well in the mid 20s – it’s a seductive combination!

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James Bond Break covered by UK Journalist.

Last week Ultimate Drives had yet another success in what is turning out to be a fantastic season. A journalist from the UK, Ollie Pickup, came over to Zurich to cover our stunning Bond Break.

Meeting at the Dolder hotel, with a sublime view of the Alps as a background for the walkthrough on the terrace for breakfast, we rendez-vouz with Ollie and his friend.

As they left in the beautiful Aston Martin Vantage S, w realise that this break really does incarnate everything unique about Ultimate Drives. In the evening we receive a text message telling us that everything went well and they are in awe of this beautiful country and car.

This break is available on the Ultimate Drives website and the article will soon be published here and on our Facebook page. Follow us for updates.


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