Paris Motor show

Living in France I recently had the opportunity to visit the motor show in Paris, one of the largest motor shows in the world with over 1.2 million visitors. The show gives manufacturers the occasion to release new models, show off their concept cars and generally create hype around the cars to be released in 2011.

This year’s show was, for me, not as good as the  other years, with less emphasis on the “dream cars” that we sell at Ultimate drives and more on the ecological side of the automotive industry such as hybrids and electric cars. The first ever diesel hybrid was released by Peugeot and many electric cars were shown, with the Tesla that we propose and that was featured in the Financial times article about Ultimate drives.

Ferrari were also a disappointment, with a display of only 4 cars, two of these cars were different versions of the 599 GTB, one 458 Italia and the California. The cars were not open to the public and the display was not very effective, all in all the cars on display were cars that you can see every day, and the display was impersonal and ineffective.

There were, however certain cars that were present that made my trip to Paris, and the 2 hours of traffic jams, well worth it.

First of all was the stand Lotus, with the new Elite, Elise, Evora and Elan. The ex-British based car manufacturer has hit the nail on the head; the cars that were present at the show were not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also well placed, well organized and accessible to the open public.

Mercedes have also understood this year that the show is an opportunity to not only release new models, but also for the public to get up close. The AMG section was well done with the CL63 AMG.




For once the French manufacturers were taking the front with the concept cars, with the Citroën Volt really turning heads. This said the BMW concept car was also a fantastic piece of engineering.

One of the most popular stands was the Audi stand, with the new concept Quattro and the RS5, as well as the R8 spyder.




One of the biggest questions coming into the show was what Lamborghini were going to reveal. They had released small photos of various parts of their new addition to the fleet, but no-one had yet seen the finished masterpiece. They did not deceive, with a new Gaillardo in black and red creating a huge crowd around the stand.

All in all there are numerous additions that will be shortly coming to the Ultimate drives fleet, which I was lucky enough to scout out at the motor show. Be sure to keep checking in to see the new additions in 2011……….


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