Monza weekend – perfect solution.

This weekend I am sure many of you watched the Monza GP from the comfort of your living rooms, but what if it were possible to actually experience the Grand Prix first hand, and with no headaches involved.

I like cars, from the car I drive to the cars I dream of driving, I can appreciate the beauty and technology combined, but the ultimate driving machine has to be a Formula 1 car. When watching the Formula 1 on TV, you cannot really appreciate the amazing machines that they are, first of all there is the noise, on the TV you cannot appreciate the noise these cars make, second there is the speed and third, and possibly most important, there is the atmosphere. Watching a Grand Prix in Italy, when a Ferrari wins is an experience everyone should live at least once.

The problem with actually going to a GP is that it is a very difficult and sometimes expensive trip to run, if you want to enjoy it fully. Now what I am about to tell you is something that most people do not know, or have never even bothered to look for, it is possible.

Often the problem is time, the GP at Monza is after the summer holidays, and so the possibility of getting time off work is minimal, however it is on a weekend and so can be done in 2 days. It is , however , important to say that you must buy the tickets in advance. The Grandstand 21c, “Laterale Parabollica” is at the end of the long straight and has a screen in front to watch the moments you miss, but the best thing is it is 130 euros per person. However some friends of ours bought their ticket the day before the race and the price had significantly risen, so be warned.

As we are based in Zurich, we decided to stay in a town that we know called Lugano, the drive from Zurich is about 2hours 30 Minutes but we decide to take the San Bernadino pass instead of the tunnel, just to remind ourselves why Top Gear voted it the second best road in Europe.

We stayed in a hotel that was not too expensive as close as possible to the train station called the “continental park”. Arriving at around 8pm this gave us ample time to go out in Lugano, eat and experience this beautiful lakeside town.

We took the train around 9:30 and arrived in Monza for 11:04, there was a free bus service dedicated to bringing people from the station to the track. We were in our seats ready to watch the GP by 12 o’clock. The race was very interesting, with the battle between Alonso and Button, but also the battle for 5th.

Once Alonso had passed button in the pits, and that he was doing regular fastest laps, we decided to leave with 8 laps to go. This is a great idea as from our stand we could not see the end ceremony (and I had recorded it). We left with no hassle, got on the bus very easily and only had to wait 5 minutes for the train. We were back in Lugano, where we had left the car in the Hotel car park by 6 and ate in a fantastic restaurant overlooking Lugano before returning to Zurich.

This was all very easy and very rewarding, the perfect weekend away………

Ultimate Drives


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Director of a new innovative company mixing dream driving conditions with dream cars.
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