Super car driving and Skiing in one holiday, Dream or Reality?

This morning we were having a conversation about Stirling Moss, in my opinion the greatest racing driver ever. In 1955 questionably his greatest victory was the Mile Miglia in Italy, Moss being the first foreigner to win the event. The conversation was more specifically directed to the comparison between “Adrenalin Junkies” of Moss’s time and how they have evolved. In Moss’s time the average number of deaths in an F1 season was 4, and it was this risk of death that fueled Sir Stirling Moss and his incredible innate talent. The equivalent today just is not in the same league, with health and safety and fitness tests the risk of death, and so the thrill that goes with it, disappeared with that generation.

I do not consider myself to be an “adrenalin junkie” but I do like the feeling of my heart racing and my senses becoming more acute. As I have got older I have come to realize that there are many ways to do this but my favorites are simple, driving fast and skiing hard.

The problem with this is that I had never managed to mix the two into one enjoyable break, apart from the time i went Ice driving around a small track in Tignes, France. This, however is not what i wanted, I was searching for a balance between driving and skiing, not an exceptional outing in a rally car during a ski holiday.

As I have previously explained I have a dream job that allows me to do the research necessary under “company research”, so with this in mind I visited two places that my dream Holiday was possible, Glacier 3000, Gstaad in Switzerland and the Presena glacier near the Stelvio pass and Parco dello Stelvio, Italy

Glacier 3000, or Les diablerets is the highest peak of the Lake Geneva Alps and the Saanenland. Experience breathtaking views over the most renowned peaks in the Alps (Mont-Blanc, Cervin, Eiger, Jungfraujoch). The passes leading up to the glacier are some of the best driving roads in Europe, and the glacier is open around the year. These are personally some of my favorite passes, combining stunning views, great driving roads and conditions and fantastic skiing possibilities. The Juan pass, the Col de la Croix and the Col du pillon passes are just some of the fantastic once in a lifetime drives that surround this area, all of which are available on our website.

The disadvantage of skiing on a glacier is that by midday it becomes impossible to ski on it, due to the fact that ice melts (every day is a school day), and as it melts the snow becomes sticky and so it is no longer possible to ski.

With the Presena glacier the advantage of this is that if you are, for example, staying in the fantastic Kulm hotel in St. Moritz, you can take the drive you can take the drive south along the beautiful Bernina Pass into Italy and then on down to the Presena  in the early morning during the time that the roads are deserted  , get to the glacier for 3 hours of great skiing, and then take the exception Stelvio pass drive in the afternoon creating that perfect harmony between Skiing and Driving.

As Always if you have any other glaciers near fantastic road that you would like me to investigate, then post, and I will.

Untill then, enjoy your skiing/driving.

Ultimate Drives.


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